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wedding photography in BristolThe confetti throw is my absolute favourite shot to take on a wedding day.  All your guests get to be involved, it’s a really funny thing to experience (when else in life will lots of people throw things at you?) and your reactions look totally natural in your photos.  Confetti is all just a bit silly but hilarious fun and one shot I’d encourage you to definitely aim to include on your wedding day – if your venue allows.   And if your venue doesn’t allow confetti then there are plenty of alternatives.

Not sure when Confetti should be thrown?    Well basically its thrown when you want it thrown although often guests will expect this to happen once you leave the ceremony.  Sometimes on the day you might need to be flexible if the weather is wet or it’s really windy (wind direction is a really important factor to take into consideration before its chucked!).  I’ll discuss this with you when we work out your wedding timeline and we’ll agree the best time to do this.

Biodegradable natural confetti  is eco-friendly and typically delphinium or rose petals.  A litre of petals is typically enough for 10 handfuls however, you can never have enough!  You don’t want a big gust of wind to take away your colourful moment so order lots – try your local party store to see if you can buy in bulk or look online.

Whilst some guests will bring their own, it can work well if you provide a supply, this can be given out by the Groomsmen as guests arrive at the ceremony location or you could have them placed on the ceremony chairs.

Priston Mill wedding photographerConfetti Alternatives

If you want to throw the rule book out and don’t want traditional rice (it stings!) or paper confetti then consider eco-friendly bird seed.  Conrad and Hannah provided their guests with packets of bird seed inside their wedding ceremony and were covered in this as they left the gates of the church – Hannah was picking seeds out of her hair all evening!

Lavender confetti is also eco-friendly and smells great.

If your venue won’t allow confetti then you could provide paper aeroplanes, ribbons on sticks to wave, glow sticks (great for a winter wedding), or even make your own colourful confetti sticks.

Don’t bother with bubble confetti, it generally doesn’t show up in your photos very well and you’d need to have ALOT of bubbles for this to look good – which then gets messy and will stain your dress.

What type of confetti looks best in photos?

Colourful confetti works better than white or cream.  Bright, bold paper confetti  works really well, I love this stuff !.  You can also have fun with confetti canons, suitable for indoor or outdoor use they eject colourful tissue shapes into the air, creating a shower which flutters to the ground – the anticipation of being the subject of the confetti canon also generates great expressions.  Spike & Charlie were married in Kintbury last year and as you can see they loved their confetti canon moment!

And when it’s your turn for your own confetti moment don’t rush down the aisle too fast and try not to duck but if you do – don’t worry it’s totally normal!!  Daniel & Jade were married at @Bristol and had one of the best, most colourful confetti throws I’ve photographed – somewhere under the sea of colour is the lovely Jade!  I love the fact that you can’t actually make out any of the guests faces clearly because of the confetti blizzard – there were bucket loads being thrown and this image is so colourful!

You’ll find lots of other confetti ideas and inspiration on my Pinterest board but in the meantime here are some of my favourite confetti wedding pictures. Enjoy!Becky Male Photography

At Spike & Charlie’s Kintbury wedding guests formed a line outside the church and showered them in traditional petals.
local wedding photographer orchardleigh Frome

After Lis and Jonno were married at Clevedon Hall in Somerset, guests headed outside and showered them in a mixture of paper and petals.

Guests throwing dried rose petal confetti at Chris and Becky’s Taunton marquee wedding as they walked down the ceremony aisle.

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