Six easy ways to entertain children at your wedding

Child blowing bubbles at Priston MillChildren.  As a Mum of twins I have to admit I’d feel slightly nervous right now if a wedding invitation landed on my doormat, worrying about whether my little people would behave and not knock over the wedding cake.  I know I shouldn’t give a monkey’s what other people think but my natural reaction would be: ‘How am I going to keep the children quiet during the wedding ceremony or the speeches ?’.

Whilst I’m probably putting undue pressure on myself at expecting my children to behave all day, a wedding is a really long event and I understand that children get bored.  Ultimately it comes down to the fact that if they’re happy, I’m happy.  Expecting children to behave perfectly all day is unrealistic, kids want to have fun and my tips for a kid-friendly wedding will therefore help if you’re planning a wedding where children will be invited:

I’m also of the view that it is my responsibility to entertain my kids and I’ll therefore always plan ahead, bringing my own snacks and toys.  However I’d be hugely grateful for anything that helps to keep the children amused and engaged during a wedding.  

Child at wedding having fun with polaroidsReception

The key to keeping children entertained is to keep them occupied.  Personalised boxes, tailored to the child’s age with items to keep them amused always go down a storm.  From stickers, to colouring books, from play-doh to sweets to puzzles, there are a wealth of items you can add to a box to keep a child amused during the speeches.  Bristol based ‘Made by Ellis‘ sell great colouring sets for kids, complete with 3 different posters and 12 pens.

A disposable camera will provide plenty of entertainment and you may be lucky enough to see the photographs afterwards, you can also provide a ‘photo bingo’ list of things to try and photograph (e.g someone wearing a hat, someone dancing etc).

Perhaps consider sitting all the children attending together on one table, this will depend upon the ages of the children naturally however sitting next to each other and being able to chat will keep them amused and help make them feel extra special.  You want to sit with your friends not your parents right?  Grab some colourful bendy straws for the children’s drinks, that will provide at least another 5 minutes of amusement!

Children's activity kit for wedding entertainment

Alternatively a kid’s area at your wedding with hula hoops, bubble mixture, hop-scotch, big cushions, comics and a tee-pee is a great entertaining space where the kids can crash, chat and have fun.

If your venue has space why not set aside a larger play area for the children?   Although don’t be surprised if adults want to join in this area too! You could hire a big Jenga, large Connect 4, have lots of balloons to play with, a big tub of Lego (and why not challenge the children to make a Lego model of the newlyweds?!).

You can hire in some fantastic entertainers who’ll come on site and keep all the children amused with games, balloon modelling, arts & crafts and magic shows. You’ll find stacks more great examples for entertaining children over on my Pinterest board.

And if I happen to be a guest at a wedding in the future, I’ll be the one trying to stop my children jumping up and down next to the wobbling wedding cake !

Children's activity kit for wedding entertainment

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