Southville Centre Bristol – Natural Wedding Photography

Chris & Juliette got married at the Southville Centre in South Bristol, a large and light community centre in the heart of Bristol. Spring sunshine, Pieminister pies, daffodil table decorations and a carrot cake with rum and orange frosting were just some of what was on offer at this stylish, DIY wedding.

Southville Centre Bristol Wedding - Becky Male Photography

These guys were a pleasure to work with, relaxed and happy to go with the flow. They are fans of my natural style of wedding photography and were happy for me to go off and just ‘do my thing’.

This was the second time in the past month where I’ve got to work with one of my favourite florists, Xanthe of Ivory Flowers.  That cake – yes, it looks incredible and I think pretty unique – was created by Sweet Soul Bakes (and very hurriedly eaten by the wedding guests).

The light was spot on all day and I was delighted to make use of the huge big windows at the Southville Centre to capture some really beautiful, airy couple portraits of Juliette and Chris

Southville Centre Bristol Wedding - Becky Male Photography

It was, as you can see, amazing and very emotional. Congratulations guys!  If you are thinking of having a city centre wedding and would like me to photograph your day, then please do get in touch.  Just a short drive from the harbourside, the Southville Centre is a really lovely, community wedding venue.

In the meantime, enjoy this small selection of timages from this ace Bristol wedding, enjoy.

Getting married at the Southville Centre BristolSouthville Centre Bristol Wedding Photographed by Becky Male
Southville Centre BristolSouthville_Centre_Wedding_PhotographyCeremony chairs at Southville Centre BristolGroom waiting at Southville Centre for his weddingBecky Male wedding photographerRed wedding postbox for receiving guest wedding cardsWedding chairs at Southville Centre BristolWedding day to do listSouthville_Centre_Wedding_Photography_Groom_WhiskyAbout to get married at the Southville CentreSouthville_Centre_Wedding_PhotographyIvory Flowers CorsageBristol's Ivory FlowersPinning the buttonholeGroomsmen putting on corsageIvory Flowers and Sweet Soul BakesSweet Soul Bakes Wedding CakeIvory Flowers Wedding FloristGroomsmen at weddingWalking up hill in SouthvilleSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyBridal car arriving at Southville Centre BristolBridal car arriving for wedding at the Southville CentreSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyBride arriving at Southville CentreIvory Flowers Wedding BouquetPink Wedding ShoesBridesmaids at Southville Centre with brideGuests being seated at Southville CentreSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyGroom nervously waiting for brides entranceGroom nervously waiting at Southville CentreSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyGroom crying as he sees his brideSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyBrides mother during wedding serviceWedding guests crying during wedding ceremonySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyBest man with wedding ringsSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyExchanging of rings at Southville CentreSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyBride and Groom next to brick wallChris & Juliette at the Southville Centre BristolSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyChris & Juliette at the Southville Centre BristolSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyWeddings at the Southville Centre in BristolSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySweet Soul Bakes wedding cake is cutSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyPieminister pies for wedding lunchSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyWedding cake is served to guestsSouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographySouthville_Centre_Bristol_Weddings_Becky_Male_PhotographyWedding couple drinking beerBride & groom with shadowsWeddings at the Southville Centre in BristolWeddings at the Southville Centre in BristolSlap Face and the Hoagies set list at weddingFirst dance at the Southville CentreFirst dance at the Southville CentreFirst danceChris & Juliette at the Southville Centre BristolWeddings at the Southville Centre in BristolWeddings at the Southville Centre in BristolWeddings at the Southville Centre in BristolWeddings at the Southville Centre in BristolAlternative Wedding Photographer Bristol

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