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Tower Bridge London Wedding Photography

What. A. View !

Stunning  isn’t it?   I shot this image on Saturday afternoon from the top of Tower Bridge in London.   My job allows me to photograph weddings in such varied places and this has to be one of my favourites.   I just love London and always have a secret dream about moving there…. I know most people leave London and move out to the sticks, I often think about doing it in reverse, selling up and moving into London  (don’t worry Granny we won’t!).

The view of the Tower of London and beyond I adore.

Tower Bridge London Wedding

Spending the day at Tower Bridge I also had a little history lesson and some cool facts about the bridge, in 1894 the bridge opened 20 to 30 times a day. Today it opens 20 to 30 times in a week.  The bridge opened in 1894 and was built to the design of Sir John Wolfe Barry. On 30 December 1952 a double decker bus jumped the 3 foot gap as the bridge opened.  Such interesting stuff but hey you aren’t reading this for a history lesson!

It was Ruben and Emma’s wedding and they married in a ceremony held in the North Tower.  With friends and family travelling from Italy and beyond this intimate affair was a real joy to be a part of.  I’m not sharing many images from this wedding, the two below are it!  But I think from here you can see how amazing the Tower of London is for a wedding.

Tower Bridge London WeddingTower Bridge WeddingOh and if it helps, I don’t like heights, in fact they make me very, very nervous but I was confidently able to shoot the below image without breaking out in to a sweat!   It’s such a cool location in which to get married and for your reception? You can hold this in the Engine room located at the bottom of the bridge.  If you are planning a Tower Bridge wedding and are looking for a photographer then please do get in touch to talk to me about your wedding plans.

Tower Bridge Wedding Photography


All images by Tower Bridge wedding photographer Becky Male.