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Life as a Wedding Photographer

Bristol photographer Becky MaleEver wondered what life as a Photographer is really like? What exactly does a Photographer do aside from take photographs and what does it take to become one? Whilst every photographer is different, let me share with you my thoughts on life as a Wedding Photographer:

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Facets of a family viewed through my camera lens

Bride giving her Dad a hugThe role of a photographer is fascinating, I can’t really think in many other professions where you get to witness such a wide range of client emotions and feelings in a 12-hour period.   It’s a job I consider a privilege, after all I am essentially being granted access to one of the most important days in someone’s life, where couples may be feeling nervous, vulnerable, hugely excited or overwhelmingly emotional and I have a critical role to play in capturing this.   So this blog is my little insight into my role as a wedding photographer and the facets of the families I get to meet.

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Why Snapchat can be great for your photography business

When I was in California at the start of the year attending #Yeahfieldtrip everyone was raving about Snapchat.  At the time I wasn’t interested in what I considered to be another faddy social media app, particularly as time is really so precious and I’m already on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I was like ‘Enough!’   I haven’t even mention finding the time to update my own blog….

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Yeah Field Trip – An assault on the senses

Photo Field Trip CaliforniaThe email landed in my mailbox and I very nearly swiped left to delete it. Sat there amongst the usual tranche of junk email that seemed to have been bothering me of late.  Education, Collaboration, Vacation – early bird tickets were being released for Photo Field Trip and did I want to book?  Expand your voice, grow your tribe, share your air – all brilliant reasons to go the website told me. Oh and it’s in California.   So I paused for a little while, then I booked.  After all, if you keep on doing what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got (so they say).   I’m so glad that email didn’t end up in my trash folder, I’m relieved I paused for a second and actually read the email.  This was an adventure, hugely important to me personally and Field Trip was an experience that is hard to describe but touches a lot of your emotions and assults all your senses.

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This month I’ve been…..

This month I’ve been


My personalised chocolate letter from the Letter Room. A surprise gift form my friend Ami.  Proper thick milk chocolate, I polished it off after dunking it in my tea!

Elemis pillow spray. Honestly, this is like spraying fairy sleep spray on your pillow!  I spray two or three squirts of this on my pillow at night and then bompf I’m hitting the land of nod in a flash.

Getting back into cooking again. This week it’s lime roasted chicken with new potatoes and home made coleslaw.


A girlie weekend away at Cheddar Woods Spa with an old group of girlfriends.   Friends I’ve known for 15 years who I don’t see often enough, we’re heading away for a two night break, it’s not far from home yet far enough for us to put our feet up.


To PhotoTypes a weekly photography podcast’s where a varied selection of photographers share their inspiration, their background and their general ramblings. A new interview is added each week and I generally find them really interesting, something a bit different and great to listen to as I edit.


Plan International and a little boy called Dil in Pakistan. He’s the same age as my children and I thought once they are old enough to understand they’ll be able to write to him and also understand more about him and his life.


Julia and David’s Priston Mill wedding photographs, a Westonbirt family shoot, Rosie and Andy’s Clifton village engagement shoot and some personal photos of my little twins.


New Harem pants from hush, loose and very comfy, great for wearing in my home-office.


I’ve got two books on the go at the moment, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, (she wrote Eat, Pray, Love) and Atom Bomb Angel by Peter James.   Big Magic is basically all about creativity, a bit rambling but it is a helpful perspective and gets you thinking about what can hold you back from maximising your creativity.   Atom Bomb Angel is one of Peter’s earlier books and has been reissued following demand from his huge allegiance of fans.  So far so good!