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Love the Second Time Around

Second Marriage Wedding Photography

Many of the weddings I’ve shot for couples have been a second marriage for one or both of those getting married and that makes me really happy.  When my first marriage broke down I vowed I’d never marry again, I’m sure this is a pretty common sentiment when your heart has totally caved in and you feel utterly despondent.  So if this is you currently, I hope my post is a tiny bit of comfort.

The thing I found hard in the immediate aftermath of him walking out so suddenly was how life does move on from everyone around you, people were happy all around me whilst I spent most of that immediate time in total bits, sobbing constantly.    All I could do was try to grab some head space and cling to the support that some lovely family and friends gave me.  If you’re in the aftermath of a broken heart then I understand new love won’t be a priority for a while but one day you may meet someone else and this time your gut and heart will tell you if they are the right one.  Divorced people do have happy endings!

I wrote the post below in October 2012 is below (since then we’ve had two children and my husband has gone a touch greyer!).

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