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Wedding Day Tips for Shy Couples

Are you feeling a little nervous about your wedding day, anxious about being the centre of attention?  If you are then you won’t be alone. I’ve had past clients share their nervousness about what they perceive are many eyes staring at them all day.  But there are a few things you can do that will help you worry less and feel more confident.

It sounds obvious but everyone who you invite to your wedding is excited for you, cares for you and wants you to be happy.  Try to remember this, particularly the moment just before you walk in to the ceremony – which is usually when I see my couples looking their most nervous.

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Six easy ways to entertain children at your wedding

Child blowing bubbles at Priston MillChildren.  As a Mum of twins I have to admit I’d feel slightly nervous right now if a wedding invitation landed on my doormat, worrying about whether my little people would behave and not knock over the wedding cake.  I know I shouldn’t give a monkey’s what other people think but my natural reaction would be: ‘How am I going to keep the children quiet during the wedding ceremony or the speeches ?’.

Whilst I’m probably putting undue pressure on myself at expecting my children to behave all day, a wedding is a really long event and I understand that children get bored.  Ultimately it comes down to the fact that if they’re happy, I’m happy.  Expecting children to behave perfectly all day is unrealistic, kids want to have fun and my tips for a kid-friendly wedding will therefore help if you’re planning a wedding where children will be invited:

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