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Advice on the First Year of Married Life

It’s been a year since your wedding, one of the happiest days of your life. Your big day is beginning to become a distant yet wonderful memory and married life has now begun. They say the first year of marriage can be tough but also completely affirming.  I’ve been really happily married for over eight years however I was married to someone else for a very short time, many years ago (I call it my starter marriage!).  That marriage lasted little over a year and that experience at the time was one of the toughest, most challenging and painful moments of my life.

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How to plan for the perfect light on your wedding day

Bristol engagement photographerChasing the light

Us photographers can be a funny bunch.  Obsessed with the weather, chasing the soft, golden light that comes (sometimes) in the late afternoon, excited when it snows (amazing backdrops) and up for experimenting creatively when it rains.

Natural daylight is important to me, because it’s always my aim to create genuinely beautiful wedding photographs, however the variance of light on any given day is huge and this will impact your wedding images – something you probably haven’t had to consider or be aware of before.  So here are my tips on how to plan for the perfect light on your wedding day, as a little prep can make all the difference.  Continue reading

How to get the vibe right to make your wedding day unique to you

I believe all weddings are beautiful, a great celebration for a couple in love and I’ve been fortunate to photograph some truly lovely weddings.   There is so much inspiration available to you in magazines, on Pinterest and at wedding fairs to help you tailor your day to suit your personalities. But that can bring a lot of pressure when it’s time to organise your own.

I started my wedding photography business, because I love to capture couples on this very special wedding day, presenting them afterwards with amazing memories to grin and get sentimental over. Knowing that planning a wedding ‘your way’ can be challenging I’m sharing a few observations on those little things, which make a wedding all about both of you – giving a truly personal vibe.

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Guide for grooms: enjoy your wedding with your smile intact

Cool groomsmen photography

To get the best wedding photos, it takes a bit of planning by the bride and groom – which I do with my couples over a series of conversations after our first meeting together. I’m fortunate to have attended many weddings and therefore have compiled a few tips to help any Grooms out there feel set for their day.

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Remembering Lost Loved Ones on your Wedding Day

To absent friends‘, a toast I have heard said at many weddings. A touching acknowledgment to a much missed loved one, a pause where those present reflect on the precious family member or close family friend who should be there but sadly isn’t.

How can you remember the person you love, sensitively without upsetting others on your wedding day?  It can be a tricky area to navigate particularly when considering how loss is such a personal and private matter.

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