Tips for choosing the images for your wedding album

wedding photography complete packages BristolWedding albums are the single best way for you to re-live your day after its all over. Truth is you’ll probably never get around to printing many photos out from your USB, and newlyweds rarely find the time to make their own album when life gets back to normal.  That’s why I’m also pleased when couples choose to add a wedding album to their booking.

If you’ve had your wedding but didn’t order an album at the time it is still possible to order one now.  Albums can be paid for in monthly instalments and sent to print once the final payment is made. This is a great way of spreading the cost, and if you plan it well your album could be delivered to you ready for your first wedding anniversary – a great way to celebrate!

Once your wedding is over and you’ve returned from your honeymoon it’s time to think about choosing the photographs that you want to include in your album.  My advice would be not to leave this too long.   Keep a Sunday afternoon free, grab a bottle of wine and spend the afternoon reminiscing about your wedding day, looking back through your photographs, laughing and remembering everything that happened and choosing the images that you love.

I’ve picked the best album provider I could find.  Each page will lay completely flat with an almost invisible crease, so your images can be printed right across the page for maximum impact.  But then there is also the craftsmanship involved in creating these albums as well.  The albums are handmade and quality checked throughout the process and this is really evident when you look at the detail in the finishing.  Everything about the album exudes quality.

So how do you decide which images you want to include?

Here’s some tips:

  1. You want to try and ensure that your final album contains a a good balance of your day, you probably won’t want an album full of group shots but likewise you don’t want hundreds of images of your guests and none of yourselves. A good album design should really tell the story of your day.
  2. The first 60 images (15 spreads) are included in my standard album package, however many couples chose to add additional spreads (1 spread = 2 pages), recognising that flexibility at this stage helps to design the very best album that will tell the most effective visual story. I’d rather you didn’t sacrifice the images that you truly love – if you can stretch your budget to include more spreads and images then I would.  Try and see your wedding album as an investment, more precious than an iPad for example.
  3. There are no set number of images of a certain type that should be included.  I guess the important thing is that a wedding album doesn’t have to be generic, it is yours and is very much down to your personal preference.   As a starting point you want a balance, so I’d suggest you include detail shots of the venue and any key details, think about the particular parts of the day that you want to remember, it might not be the obvious.
  4. The key is including all the pictures that tell the story in its entirety (or the parts that you think are important).    If you imagine 3 of 4 images across each double spread, I’d suggest you’d want a minimum spread of (for example) the Groomsmen, including one shot of the Groom on his own.  Then you might want to balance this with a minimum of one spread of the bridesmaids and bride getting ready.
  5. So if you think, the initial shots set the scene – the venue, the getting ready, the excitement before you both get dressed into your wedding outfits.   Then you may want to include images from each section of the day; the ceremony (I suggest up to 8), your favourite images of you as a newly married couple (at least 4), images of important family members, then the reception / speeches / entertainment / evening fun.
  6. The last image in the album would typically be a closing image, for example the first dance or guests on the dance floor.
  7.  I always find it is easier to select ‘in’ rather than to eliminate ‘out’. You’ll end up with fewer pictures and they will all be the best favourites that way.

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This is your wedding album and it should hold your absolute favourite images from your day. Go with your heart, not with your head – include the photographs that you love. Don’t include images just because you think you ‘should’, or because other people would expect them to be there. You have all the images on your USB and you can always look at them there, or print them out and frame them and give them as gifts to others if you wish.

Once you’ve confirmed which images you want in your album then sit back and relax and leave the design process to me.  I create a bespoke design for each wedding, so no two albums are ever the same.

I’ll share with you my proposed layout before your album is prepared for printing.   On some pages visually it could work best to just have one image, on other pages I may decide visually to include three or four.  I would ask that you trust me to produce the best design possible for you from your chosen images.

Each book is a work of art and the quality completely shines through. I’m confident I’ll design an album that you will love your finished album.

I also offer the option to order smaller copies of your main album – a perfect little duplicate with a cotton cover, with the same quality paper and printing as the main albums. Ideal gifts for parents or other relatives, and perfect for carrying around to show people!

Finally, when you have your album in your hands, keep it where it can be enjoyed often! Keeping it on your lounge bookshelf or in a drawer in your coffee table will make sure that it is always close at hand to be looked at by yourselves, or to show off when you have guests round.

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