Wedding Styling – Decadent Details and Beautiful Colours

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You may not have heard of wedding styling or know what it is, so allow me to explain.  Perhaps you are in the early stages of planning your own wedding and enjoying browsing for ideas in wedding magazines.  I still pick up these magazines now (I’m married) and ‘Ohhhh’ and ‘Ahhhhh’ at the ideas and trends that are detailed. I love how couples are opting for interesting and unusual personalised favours to thank their guests. I also love how eco weddings are popular with couples choosing to ‘go green’ when selecting environmentally friendly invitations or locally sourced flowers, there are so many little details that I love and think ‘Ohhh I’d love that’.  As much as I love all this I’d be a little bamboozled if I was trying to decide on a theme or pull together a stylish look for my day.

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If you are feeling bamboozled my advice is to go back to basics, think about you both as a couple.  What do you like doing?  What have you enjoyed about weddings you have been to in the past? How do you want guests to feel when they are at your wedding?   What words would you hope they’d use to describe your wedding day once it was over?   If you do this exercise this will start to help you see what’s important to you and what you want to focus on.

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Once you’ve answered the above questions then a useful place to start is to either search hashtags on Instagram, or create a board on Pinterest.  You’ll no doubt be aware of Pinterest which is basically an online scrap book, instead of ripping pages out of magazines or printing pictures that you’ve seen on the internet you simply ‘Pin it’.   You can have more than one pin board, for example I have a board for wedding shoot ideas, a board of inspiring quotes and a board of Christmas shoot ideas.  Each time I’m browsing the internet and I see something that I like, I pin it.  (Although right now my Pinterest board is awash with home renovation inspiration!).

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Wedding styling has been big in the United States for a while and has become really popular in the UK over the past ten years.  A wedding stylist will pull together ideas you have and help you decide on a theme or look for your day – with so many other things to think about this is one less stress not to worry about.  On the day itself you can relax and enjoy the getting ready and build up knowing that the personal touches and the vision you had planned will be delivered with care and attention.  These small details really will impress your details.

Wedding stylingIf flowers are important to you then this year its all about foliage.  Weddings are seeing looser wilder bouquets, very traily and relaxed in design.   There is lots of greenery and garlands on tables, table plans and even all foliage church pew ends.  Florists are also being asked for bigger statement pieces, flower arches, chandeliers and decorative tall metal table stands are just a few things I’ve seen at weddings this year.

There are some great blogs for inspiration: – a US site full of beautiful, real weddings – often with cool details / colours.  Rock My Wedding is a long established and reputable UK wedding blog, full of amazing weddings, as is So You’re Getting Married.  Close to home (for me!), Bristol’s Kirsten from the Little Wedding Helper is a fabulous wedding stylist who has styled weddings from a Village Hall in Westbury, a marquee in South Gloucestershire to a pretty vintage look at Bristol Zoo.  She’s your go to person if you want to ensure the decor on your wedding day is unique.

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All images are by Bristol Wedding Photographer, Becky Male Photography and are from the varied and lovely weddings I’ve shot in the past.

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