My Approach


My aim is simply to provide you with wedding photographs that you will love – forever.

I create images that are not overly posed, just those moments that happen in a heartbeat. You’ll probably tell people afterwards how quickly your day went – my photographs will provide you with a record of the moments you loved, the details you spent months deciding on, the bits you maybe didn’t necessarily see (your best mate throwing dodgy shapes on the dancefloor perhaps?) – quite simply a visual montage of the amazing day when you both got married.

I won’t make you do cheesy poses or anything that doesn’t feel like you – I’ll just capture the wedding day you so carefully planned, the love between your families and the bond between the two of you.  I’m discreet and relaxed in my approach, I understand that most of my couples prefer natural images, so that is what I work to deliver, it’s not about endless lines of formal groups, it’s simply about me telling the story of your day as I see it.

Battleaxes Wraxall Wedding


I don’t want to take you away from the fun for too long and simply ask for a minimum of thirty minutes with you both once you are married to capture some gorgeous couple images, these will be the images that will be sat on your mantelpiece when you are old and grey! But don’t worry; I have no intention of making you peep out from behind a tree looking at each other! Your couple session is most likely the first moment the two of you will actually get to be together on your own on the day. It’s a moment of quiet and a chance to reflect that you’ve actually just got married whilst I take your photograph.

If you are thinking of booking me I want it to be because you love my wedding photography and you genuinely care about your wedding photographs and the excellent service you’ll receive from me.

For more information on my wedding photography in Bristol, the South West UK or internationally please contact me.